Friday, November 19, 2010

Quite a nice November

I have been a good boy but I've been a bit gimpy recently causing much concern for my poor Ma who keeps getting up in the middle of the night to check up on me. No lick, no lick, she says half asleep - most of the time I'm also asleep, too. It's really nothing - I just scraped up the inside of my hind leg thigh on a concrete block I was trying to leap onto. Then, the sticky tape that Ma used for dressing irritated  my leg causing some raw spots. 

In any case, our beach was the site of thousands and thousands of  beached moon jellyfish last weekend. They're about a foot across. Here are two accounts:

We missed the onslaught but a few of them were still around a couple of days later.
We missed the jellyfish because Ma and Pa went to the ski expo over the weekend. They concluded it was lame and I have to agree. They first said it was OK for me to come into the site, then, somebody chased us down and escorted us out after we'd paid (OK - so I didn't have to pay.) So, Ma and I had to circle around to the side and hang out on the pier behind the expo. And, that was AFTER I waited in the car for what seemed like an eternity. 
We were at the SF Ski and Snowboard Expo last weekend at Ft Mason. We won't be going next year. 
The ski reps were equally lame or lazy. Most of them didn't bring their full line of skis so Ma was very disappointed. She wants a new pair of wide skis. Bottom line - they don't take skiing very seriously around here. 

And, the weather has been gorgeous. Ma and Pa took a ride on their two wheelers to Golden Gate Park. Why they won't take me is beyond me. 
Our neighborhood transforms into a beach community when the sun shines. Never mind that it's November! 
Lucca's Ma looking radiant. I keep waiting for that hat to blow away so that I can "rescue" it. You know me, I'm quite the hat rescuer.
We found a lovely toy. 

Lucca and I playing that stalking game.
We ran into Cynthia, Quito and Tikka. Tikka is HUGE!!
We have a new ritual at the parking lot. It prolongs our playtime.
I even got to go to Crissy Field one afternoon. 
 So, I've been good except for the owie on my hind leg which is on the mend. We're getting a good dose of rain this weekend so I think my walks will be short and on a leash. Oh well. I'm still a lucky dog. All of you out there have a fabulous holiday week coming up. Be safe and have fun. Matta ne - til my next misadventure.  

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Oskar said...

It looks like a grand adventure!

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