Thursday, November 4, 2010

My new BIG friend

I have been a very good boy although I dug up the backyard again. You know I LOVE to dig and I'm good at it. I can make short work of our yard - if you can even call it that.
I'm not picky about where I dig.
I also met a very big girl -- I mean BIG!! Lucky, she is very friendly. 
Someone thought she was a Dalmation...huh??!!
We went to Ft Miley - I love the grass there.
It's nice and cool and smells good too.
The pine forest is also one of my favorite haunts.
If you thought I was tall - you haven't seen a GREAT Dane.

We missed the Giants ticker tape parade -- darn! I think I have the right coloring to be a Giants mascot.

Ma knows how to make us look good and she loves that Giants orange!

Til my next misadventure, yatahey or mata ne! No more ciao since it rhymes with meow.

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