Thursday, April 15, 2010

Beautiful morning at OB

I have been a very good boy and today we went to Land's End hoping to see Lucca and her Ma. Unfortunately, they were needed at home to keep watch over workmen so Ma and I headed to OB instead.

Me looking out for Lucca.

We ran into Keto the Husky - I think I remember playing with her before on OB. I stole someone's flappy toy and ran around the beach flaunting it.

Then, someone threw a stick, which looked interesting so I stole that too.

Sometime after this, I found part of a dead whale in the sand. The stench was irresistible so I rolled in it. Ah -- I love the sweet smell of rotting whale in the morning. When I got home, I was unceremoniously hosed down with cold water from a garden hose in the middle of the sidewalk followed by a thorough rubbing with lavender from the bush in front of our house. ! Isn't this illegal? Shouldn't someone issue a ticket to my Ma???? Seems far more egregious than parking with wheels turned the wrong way which is something people are getting ticketed for on our street.

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