Friday, April 16, 2010

I am ONE!!

Today I was a good boy and it is my birthday! Ma kept it low key although she now regrets it since it was a beautiful day. I got the best present EVER - a two hour walk in the morning! AND, with Lucca!! Actually, we didn't really walk for the whole two hours as you will see. Ma and Lucca's Ma like to chit chat so, like the good companions we are, we just hung out for a while.

Me and Lucca greeting each other. He's lost some weight around his fanny.
We sat around in our little forest enjoying a stick together. It's kind of like you humans hanging out in a cafe.
We're BFF!!
We walked to the car at the Legion of Honor but today, there were no coyotes. Which, in Ma's view, is good. In the evening, I got to play with our neighbor, Sunny. He's a big blonde retriever and we share a fence. We went to Ft. Miley with his Pa and human sibling.

So, this caps my first year of life on earth. I've enjoyed every minute of it. I've made the best doggie friends and I've got the best first and forever family and friends.

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