Sunday, April 11, 2010

Saturday excursion to Crissy Field

I have been a good boy and yesterday I got to go on a trip to Crissy Field. Really, this is just a way for Pa to appease his guilty conscience - he went shopping at Sports Basement, leaving Ma and me to walk the beach. So, poor Ma didn't get to shop but that's OK. She got to spend it with me. What could be better?

It was a beautiful afternoon with many nice dogs.

Not being able to swim is very frustrating! Ma!! When are you going to teach me?
I found a goldendoodle digging so I decided to help. Hard to tell which is the front end of that dog!
She soon decided to let me take over -- as you know, I am quite the expert at digging.
Although, I have to give it to her - she dug quite the hole by herself, especially given she's not a terrier.
So, that was my excitement for the weekend. Today, it's been raining since dawn and I'm kind of fussy about getting wet so we're staying in.

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