Monday, April 19, 2010

Professional Excavator Seeking Job - will work for fun

Today, I was a good boy and I dug the biggest hole EVER! Big enough to hide in. Well, OK. Big enough for my new friend to hide in. He's about my size -- 10 months ago!

Start of hole.
I met Satchel at Ft. Funston today. He's some kind of Boston Terrier mix.
Unfortunately, because of pictures like these, Ma won't be upping my calories. She's says it's important to have a waist. Waste??? I produce tons of it. What's she talking about???
I really prefer to dig these myself!
But, I'm willing to share the fruits of mylabor!
Yes, he's in there somewhere!
I just built him a little home! I'd say it's better than those Igloo kennels.
I'm really good at this. Isn't there a job out there for ME??

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