Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy hour at the Park Chalet

I have been a very good boy, as you know, and Thursday was a grand day for me. I started out playing with Lucca at Land's End. Then the four of us walked to the golf course which is our usual route. On the way there we encountered Mrs. Wiley (we presume) which was made doubly exciting since it was Lucca and Rami's first encounter. We barked furiously and she scampered up the embankment into the woods, although not before staring us down. Whew! That was a close call. She was just ahead of us on the trail. After dropping off Lucca and Rami, we looped through the golf course, and guess what. Mama Coyote reappeared, taunting me again. It's infuriating but Ma was happy to get some nice shots of her.
She's very coyote looking in this photo, wouldn't you say?
After napping for most of the rest of the day, I was awoken to accompany my humans to the Park Chalet for a nice little snack and drinks for happy hour. I love this place! We can walk there AND doggies are welcome. My only complaint is that they won't serve me any beer.

Pa looking happy with his pint of California Kind.
I need an ID so that I can order my own. But then again, I'm either almost 1 human year which is not even 7 dog years - I guess that won't help. By the way, I'm 25" at the withers which puts my nose right at table level.
Watching for friends - this place sits right on the west end of Golden Gate Park, across from the windmill.
And, capping off a wonderful day, we took the long way home via Ocean Beach. It was wicked windy and the kite surfers were out in force.
I got to run free and chase the endangered sandpipers. They're the best - when startled, they fly off out to sea, loop back to shore and fly parallel to the beach.

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