Sunday, May 16, 2010

BMW car show and other adventures of a very good boy

I was a good boy this week, as usual, and I got to enjoy a good week, to boot. We had our now weekly excursion to OB with Lucca. Lucca and I chased each other and I got into something nice and smelly, rolled in it, and got real sandy.
My aboriginal look.
Lucca eying me suspiciously. Hmm, he said. He smells funny.
Lucca distracting me with a ball. He knows I'm not supposed to roll in dead bird.
Then, on Saturday, we went to the BMW 2002 car show at the Brisbane Marina. It was the first car show of the type for both my Ma and my Pa. Pa went there to show off his 2002.

Many of the cars have their bonnet and boot open for inspection. That's Pa's car.
Don't quite see what they see in this.
Ma liked this one.
This is what the humans do at these shows. Stick their heads in the car and their butts up in the air. Familiar pose, wouldn't you say? As in when I dig?????
Lucky for Ma and me, we had a nice neighbor to play with. Like me, he's a good boy. We played tug of war and I won almost every time.
I also met a Welsh Terrier. They look just like us Airedales only their growth is somehow stunted. They probably need more food, like me. Luckily, they're not wimpy, despite their size, so they can hang with the likes of me.
That's Benny. Quite the pose, wouldn't you say?
I overheard Pa saying he might want one of these. WHAAAAAT??? Has he lost his mind? I mean, Benny's nice and all, but he's not an Airedale!!! Now, I'm really worried. Maybe I'm not a good dog! Why wouldn't they want another one like me??? When I got home, I got a headache and stomach distress and I barfed. OK. It wasn't from the thought of a Welsh but from all the branches and twigs I ended up eating playing tug of war compounded with a touch of heat exhaustion.

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