Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Ma's Day!

Today was Mother's Day and to celebrate, since I am a good dog, I took my Ma out for a long walk on the beach. I know, it's something most single women advertising on Craigslist want to do at sunset with their future soulmate - well, isn't that what I am??? And, didn't I take you to the beach at sunset the other day?

We met Rider in the park on our way to OB so we took him along as well. It was his FIRST TIME on Ocean Beach.

The rain didn't last long and it was beautiful in the morning.
Rider is 5 months old - a big boy for an Australian Collie. He'll be a real working dog herding sheep.
And, here's a picture of Big Creek Beach near Santa Cruz, yesterday. Lots of kite surfers. My Ma and I spent the afternoon cruising downtown Santa Cruz. It was exhausting.
My ears were blowing in the wind and I performed my first rescue of my life - a hat rescue! The lady was very thankful and later on, I was asked to pose for her friend.
So, after two days of excitement, I got real sleepy this afternoon.
I'm not going to complain about no walk this evening. I think I need a beauty rest to add some meat to my buns. What's for din din Ma?

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