Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Finally, a string of beautiful days!

I have been a good boy but my Ma did not get us out on a walk until almost 9 AM which meant that there was no hope of catching my buddy Lucca out there. I was hopeful, however, and sat to wait for him at our usual little forest playground.
However, I got lucky in the evening. There was the whole crowd of my Sutro Hts buddies including Billie. She's got a nice rump, wouldn't you say? I hope mine gets to look like that!
As you can see, Billie is a little obsessed with the gophers so she could not be disturbed.
That's OK. I decided to hang with the Golden Retriever, Callie after running around with the little squirt, Miles. He's the new kid on the block. Some kind of smallish terrier but really fast so I got tired. Callie and I lolled around in the shade where it was nice and cool.

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