Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Amgen Tour of California starts at Ocean Beach

I have been a good boy and today was a blast. I had a nice 2nd breakfast of washed up dead crab and other yummy shellfish on Ocean Beach. The tide was real low so there were many buffet items in the sand. I got to play with Lucca - he knocks me around pretty good since he probably weighs 20# more than I do.

Beach wrestling on OB

I also introduced Lucca to Keto, the husky, and Roy, the German Shepard - two other boys I like to play with on the beach.
After, the Amgen Tour of California had their 3rd stage start right in front of the Park Chalet. When I got home, I was supposed to be clipped and bathed, but somehow, the humans got busy so it didn't happen. Whew. I do smell rather ripe, which I like. It's a good disguise from the likes of Mrs. Wiley Coyote.

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