Saturday, May 29, 2010

A dog party and other adventures of Maximus

Yesterday, I was a good boy and we went to Sutro Hts Park where our humans had a party for us doggies. Unfortunately, the Park Police showed up uninvited so we all got leashed, or at least the doggies did. But, it turns out the officers had bigger, badder, dogs to pursue.

Ignore the foreground, those are my friends - in the background are the hoods getting arrested up the hill.
My Ma was sent to investigate so I, of course, accompanied her. A black Mustang was being searched and little plastic evidence baggies were being filled with???...bad news for the hoods...the park is part of the National Park System and they were arrested by Park Police who are Federal. So, unlike SF, things like pot are illegal, not to mention, jail is prison. Lucky, no more Alcatraz!

That's Archie with his eyes on the prize -- cheese. I learned I'm pretty well-behaved. I don't beg at the table and I certainly don't steal food. But then again, my own food is pretty hard to beat.
A lot more people showed up and it was a fun, although, a little crazy. I barked a lot since I was leashed up. That's because when Ma let me go, I went straight towards where the officers were searching the kids. I couldn't help myself. I was curious.
All this was Billie's Ma's idea. Thank you Cathy!!
As you can see she had a good time!
This morning started out looking like a dull day what with Pa painting and my Ma not looking like she wanted to go out for a walk.

Pa up on the ladder outside of the living room.

I don't think I can climb a ladder. I don't even like escalators.
It's odd to have Pa looking in like that.
But, Ma did not disappoint. We got to Ocean Beach and walked all the way to Taraval and back. That's about 6 miles! We even stopped by Sutro Hts Park on the way to find the flappy I had forgotten yesterday.
I hope to catch up on my beauty sleep tomorrow. But you never know - it might be another exciting day!

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