Sunday, May 9, 2010

Introducing my friends to Ocean Beach

I have been a very good boy and busy too! Last week I took my friend Lucca to Ocean Beach. It was a blast. We are big dogs and can run far.
Lucca's Ma brought a toy which we promptly lost. You may not know this but we are very Zen - we don't spend a lot of time worrying over our possessions. So, if you find a pink rubber ball, have fun with it!
My buddy has very shiny fur. This has inspired my Ma to fortify my otherwise boring kibble with all kinds of goodies to make my hair shine. But of course, therein lies the problem - I have rather coarse hair over an undercoat of fur while most dogs only have fur, but don't tell my Ma this! I love salmon skin and other leftovers high in omega-3!
After all this fun, we were very thirsty. Unfortunately, beer was not available but we did have a nice cold drink out of plastic beer mugs at the Park Chalet. Our Mas had a very nice second breakfast there too.
Here's a little video of us! We're stars - oh never mind I almost knocked over the Director.

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